I mentioned last time that I’d include the first chapter of a novel I started a few days ago. I’m not sure why. The idea came to me. That’s good enough reason, I think. To be specific, I imagined narrating the first chapter, so you’ll have to scroll to the bottom to hear my melodious pipes. It’s very short, under three minutes. 

I usually don’t share work until it’s done. Again, I’m not sure why I’m suddenly doing this. Probably because I’m no longer teaching and feel the urge to speak. (Would a person’s larynx stop vibrating properly if he stopped speaking altogether?) 

I’m writing the book by hand, which feels retro and satisfying and right. I highly recommend the purple Uni-ball Signo. That baby has flair. Not capital Flair. 

One other new aspect of this project: I’m envisioning this as a YA novel, though I’m not quite sure how to articulate what that means. I haven’t lowered my standards; I haven’t substituted words that I believe might be difficult; I don’t think I’ll shy away from adult concerns and situations. I do envision the chapters being shorter; I do feel a greater sense of playfulness, maybe because I can envision former students reading this; and I have refrained from cussing, but this doesn’t feel like a restraint. 

Let me know what you think! Thanks.



11/02/2012 11:49am

I like it! I'll run it past some kids and let you know what they say.


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