Another tough week. Dealing with many difficult decisions regarding my ailing parents. Somehow I’ve been able to maintain focus during classes, though I did receive a few ill-timed calls from doctors and social workers and nurses, all of which were returned after the bell rang. Ignoring the buzzing phone in my pocket was a challenge. Luckily, my sister arrived in town this week to handle things during the day. 

Most amusing moment in class, for me at least. I discussed the cover story in Time about shyness and asked if they viewed me as an introvert. They were nearly unanimous in their assessment of me as an extrovert, which is not even close to the truth. I suppose when a person is put into a particular role, that person must perform. I should be flattered? Another amusing moment. We began a unit on development, what it means to be “old.” I asked them to guess my age. Many guessed ten years younger, and I told those people that I loved them. But one student had no idea whatsoever. Sixty? When I shrugged he tried, Seventy? These past two weeks may have taken their toll on me, but please. I am 54, which in 2012 translates to about 38. I’m a little immature at times so I’d bring that number down further to about 33. And I’m an expert at denial, so let’s make it a flat 30.



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