I should update this more often, I know. Teaching takes up a large chunk of my time. So there is that. And I’m not crazy about making any changes to this site, afraid I’ll inadvertently press some obscure Global Delete button and have to begin from scratch again, which is irrational, I know. But mostly, I’m not sure anyone is reading this. I should be used to that equation. For years, my stories and novels collected dust, first, literally, in the bottom of a desk drawer, and later embedded inside some file labeled Writing or Fiction or Lost Hope or simply Dad. I’m kidding about the Lost Hope file, not the feeling, just that any file was so brazenly labeled. But this blog thing seems different. If no one is reading, what the hell am I doing? Because I don’t intend to collect these random observations into any kind of volume, cyber or otherwise.

Twain’s 100-year-after-his-death autobiography just came out. I’ve skimmed the 600+ pages and have read reviews. Even if the audience was 100 years in the future, that was motivation enough. And Twain must have felt highly confident that yes, the book would get read. Garrison Keilor just reviewed it and suspects that Twain’s claim that the book was too controversial for its time was just another of the author’s  famous ruses (read Huck Finn) to ensure interest.

In terms of this blog, I haven’t made it easy to respond, so I don’t know if anyone is reading. You have to go to my author Facebook page to comment (and I will try to “correct” this in the coming months). But if you are reading, I’d love to hear. To give me reason to spew a little more. Or, don’t let me know. I’m used to that.